Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Trace of Rain, Hanne and Packing the Yarn

We had rain yesterday! Now I know to most people that is no big deal but when you live in the desert southwest it is something to get excited about. The official measurement at the airport was "a trace". After four months of nothing, a trace does not help much, so those of you in rain saturated areas please send rain.

I am making progress on my Hanne Falkenberg jacket. I am working on the back of Decapo. I have completed the first two of three color bands. I have completed about 20% of the third color. Since the number of stitches increases each row it will take me a bit of time to see major progress. I will persist.

The total picture.

A close up with better views of the color pattern.

Saturday morning my husband and I leave for California. We will spend two days with our daughter and her family and then on to Maui for a week. As with most of my vacations I spend lots of time figuring out what knitting to take. I have decided not to take Decapo because I am knitting it on my only pair of rosewood needles. I would be very upset if they got broken. I will report tomorrow on what projects I decide to take.

Today's workout with my trainer at the gym involved working on core muscles. Probably won't get out on the road on my bike but will probably ride the training in front of the tv at least and hour.


Fe-lady said...

Have fun in MAUI!!! (We went to Honolulu last year to do the Roughwater 2.3 mile swim...which was cancelled, so will have to go back next year, and hit Maui also!)
We rode in the sprinkles on our Mtn. bikes after much fun! At least the air smells cleaner, doesn't it???

Bridget said...

So glad we are here to provide a stop-over. Only kidding. I like the colors you chose for the project!

Fe-lady said...

As far as tris go....I would say just watch one (Tucson Tri on March 12th...but you will probably still be gone..Sahaurita May 31st)
or volunteer and cheer people on and then maybe the bug will bite!
I don't know any "Tucson Tri Girls" but have heard good things about them.

sherry said...

Hi Patty,
love your Hanne. Found your blog, as I am joining the hanne along, going to do mermaid,just waiting for it to arrive. Nice bike, I have a bianchi and cannondale, also run. email me when you get back, would love to talk.

Maus said...

Dacapo looks gorgeous in those colors, you've done a lot already!
We live in the Rockies, in a desert climate too, soil is dry as DUST!

Patti said...

I am knitting the DaCapo in the bright reds. I am still knitting the back. I will bew interested in reading about your progress.