Sunday, March 12, 2006


Today is my last day in the tropical paradise known as Maui. We have been very blessed by beautiful weather. There have been clouds a few days but no real threat of rain. Not the same for the people on Oahu who have been facing some severe flooding. Good thoughts for them.

I am surprised at how little knitting I have gotten done here. Lots of activities that include sand. I find that sand and knitting just don't mix. Tonight we have a five hour flight back to Los Angeles so I should be able to a lot in then.

We did have chance to take a 54' sloop-rigged catamaran to Lanai with Trilogy Excursions. It was a very relaxing day.

While on the catamaran we were able to see some humpback whales and spinner dolphins. This picture is not one I took because my camera does not have that sort of range but I wanted you to have the feel of what I saw. What wonderful animals. We have been very fortunate to see some from shore as we drove around the island.

The other thing I did hear that was really exciting was that I had THREE, yes, THREE spa days here: The Grand Wailea Spa Grande. It was a very relaxing day. For Christmas my husband gave me gift certificates for the spa and I had enough for two days and he agreed to a third!

OK, now for why he agreed to the third day. On Monday while snorkeling when the catamaran took us to a beach he lost his wedding ring in the water. He then spent four days keeping it a secret from me. You see this is the second wedding ring he has lost in the Pacific. The first in San Diego a year after we married. His plan this time was to get back to Tucson and order another one before I figured it out. (I am stopping on the way home for a week and a have to visit our daughter and her family. TriathleteB). But he got caught when I noticed yesterday. He said the thought he might make it because it took me five days to notice! LOL

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