Tuesday, March 14, 2006

California Dreaming

I am now in California visiting my youngest daughter and her family. She has 4 year old twin sons. If I do say so my grandsons (for future reference, referred to as Big Bub and Little Bub) are a delight.

I am working on two projects that I took to California with me. On is a very simple pattern from Rowan Book number 27 called Blanket Coat by Kim Hargreaves. It is a fun jacket that will be perfect for visits here to the beach. I started it ages ago and made a very silly mistake on one of the front panels. I did the math on the number of rows I completed on the back before the armhole. Well being the great CPA that I am I can't subtract and shorted the front by 20 rows. This coat has a hood incorporated in the front panel and I finished one front before and part of the other one before I discovered my mistake. I was so frustrated because it is such a simple pattern and I made a simple mistake that I put it away for ages. I now have successfully completed the fronts and backs so all that is left are the sleeves. I am three fourths finished with one sleeve. I hope to have pictures once I return home next week. In the meantime here is a picture from Rowan.

The other project that I have is Madli's Shawl from Interweave Knits Summer 2004 by Nancy Bush. It is a twelve row repeat lace pattern. First you have a 25 row border and then you repeat the twelve row lace pattern 32 times. I have just finished row four on the 8th repeat. I hope to have pictures soon for you. I am not making much progress at this point because it is not something one (read that I) can do with two four year olds around.

On the exercise front I was able to go to a spinning class with my daughter at her local Y yesterday. Afterwards we were able to weight train. Felt good to get back to exercising. Tomorrow while the Bubs are at preschool we are going out for a bike ride. Right now my daughter is at the Trilab getting fitted for her new bicycle. I will ride the old one. She has promised to go easy on me.

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Bridget said...

I am so glad to have you here. I hope you are enjoying your visit. Thanks for the terrific bike ride.