Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympic Closing Ceremony

I came, I knitted, I completed! Yes, I finished my Olympic Knitting project before the closing ceremony Sunday night. Below is a picture of the dress I knitted for my four year old Granddaughter. It is the wrap dress from Barefoot Knits, by Christine Schwender and Paula Heist. I knitted it in Rowan's DK cotton. I can tell you I really enjoyed doing a project like this. Knowing that there were over 4,000 other around the world working diligently on their projects really motivated me.

Good job to all who participated. As well as the satisfaction of participation we got this wonderful medal for our efforts:

Today was a weight training day at the gym. My trainer really pushed me and I feel it this afternoon.

FORTUNATELY, this came out today and my Costco had it.

Take a peak at the movie

This afternoon will be spent working on my Decapo and watching P&P. How decadent!!!!


Becky said...

Patty, congrats on your new blog. I love the dress you did for the Olympics - great job to get it done so quickly! Glad you're a part of the HF Along - keep us updated on your progress.


Fe-lady said...

Hi Patty...and congrats to you on finishing the dress in time for a medal! It's very cute, but I bet even cuter on your grand-daughter! I "talk" to your daughter frequently on her blog site...I am in Tucson and know she is from here so can relate to some of my stories about the area. She seems like a great gal! I "knew" you as Patti Baird...but never met you. This was "back in the day" of road races in the early 80s! I told her I would try and find some race results from those times...will try and do soon! Take care!

Bridget said...

The dress looks beautiful! I cannot wait to see it on pretty girl bub. -Not the best nickname I know, but big bub came up with it. We will still work on something else.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Patty - congratulations on the medal! The dress is really cute. And welcome to the blogosphere.

christine schwender said...

Hi Patty,

Christine Schwender here...you're doing my design such justice!!! I love it and especially love the colors. Any other projects planned from the book??? You should try the ruffle pants on the cover. Keep in mind they are very fitted so you may want to go up a size and then adjust the length. Good luck!!!