Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rest Day #2

My friend Sharon does Ironman Triathlons. Last summer after she completed her fourth she took some time off from major training. She made the comment to me that she found she was actually getting things completed in her life when she wasn't training. I have felt that way the last two days. Because I am down to less than four weeks before I leave for my cross country, trip my coach has made this a drop down week in training. Yesterday and today are rest days! Tomorrow and Thursday I only have one hour to ride and Friday is another rest day. Of course, I am doing a century on Sunday so this is not a total slug week.

Soooooooooo, I have been taking advantage of this time off the bicycle. I finished this pair of socks. I started them ages ago but put them aside for some unknown reason. (Probaby had to finish some Christmas knitting). I have also begun working on a quilted carrying bag for my mini computer. I will post pictures of it when it is finished.

When I went outside to take the pictue of the sock I realized that one of the trees in my back yard thinks it is Spring. Sure hope we don't get another freeze.


Fe-lady said...

Cute socks and I bet your yard smells wonderful!

Sharon who? Does she live in Tucson?
I am always looking for training partners!

Bridget (your daughter) said...

Those socks are great! Glad you got some much needed downtime. I cannot believe we may have to deal with rain this weekend. Booh!

Angela said...

You can't have rain! I am coming to visit. I like the socks.

Nikki said...

Great socks!!! (and you know how I like 'fun' socks, too.)