Friday, January 30, 2009

An miles and miles before I sleep

I cannot believe that I will leave for California in slightly over four weeks (on February 1 to be exact). I have been putting in lots of miles on my bike to get ready. I have 618 miles in January so far and still have tomorrow to ride for 3 1/2 hours. Not bad at all considering I took one week off to let my hip recover from to much sledding with the grandchildren over Christmas.

In addition to biking, I have sewn a simple nightgown to take on the trip, worked on a quilted cover for my new mini laptop computer and just about completed knitting a pair of socks. When I did the Mississippi River bike trip I took a favorite nightgown and left in on the bed in a hotel somewhere along the way. The reason I missed it was that it was white and was on the white bed sheets. I decided this trip to make a bright gown I would not miss! I think this may work. The buttons are little chickens I bought in Paris years ago.

Speaking of my new mini laptop Greg bought me this little gem for my trip. It only weighs 2 pounds and has all the features I need to access email, the internet and to blog. I am getting it all set up now. I want to make a small quilted cover for it to protect it when it is buried in my suitcase on the trip. It also has a built in camera so I can use Skype to chat with the family.

Other than that I have been adding and removing things from my piles of things to take on the trip. I think this will last the entire month of February!


Fe-lady said... of luck on your cross country ride! I will be keeping track of you from Tucson! (home) Exciting!

Anne said...

Oh, Patty, I am so envious!! Two years ago, I was feeling SO excited and nervous at this stage. Hope it goes well for you this month. It sounds like you are riding alot, too. Please email me and let me know what kind of computer you got. It looks so nice and tiny for traveling! ...and I thought mine was small two years ago!