Thursday, February 05, 2009

Progress being made

As promised here are the two sides of my new computer "bag/case". I have completed piecing them and machine quilting them. Now all I have to do is figure out how I want to sew them together and then line the bag. I keep going back and forth in my mind as to do I want to have a draw string closing the bag or do I use Velcro. Right now I am leaning toward the draw string. The two blocks are actually the same size they just don't look like it because of the camera angle and cropping.

Today, I went for another short ride. It was only supposed to be one hour but I ended up doing about and hour twenty because it was such a beautiful day. Sunday I am scheduled to to a century and the weather is not very promising.

Tomorrow Angela comes for a short visit. She has a high school friend that is getting married Saturday and she is coming for the wedding. Always fun when one of the girls comes for a visit.


Fe-lady said...

You are so talented! Really cute bag.
I know-Sunday looks pretty sketchy for riding.
We changed our ride to Sat. A.M.....maybe it will have moved out by then. Let's hope the weatherman is wrong- AGAIN!

Bridget said...

I love the blocks! Nice work :)

Arda Tole said...

Hi Patty
Last year it was me getting ready to start this wonderful trip with womentours, so I can picture some of the things you might worry about. But it sounds like you are in great shape already and ready to go. I will be following you and your group as you make your way to Florida, and relive all the great memories. Any questions, just ask..... You are in good hands with your guides they are fantastic... Especially in the beginning you tend to rush, don't... enjoy the day. Remember for 2 months you have nothing to do but bike eat drink and have fun....Have a blast!

Arda Tole

Clark Taylor said...

I love your page and the pics. You're so smart to take a tiny computer this year. Jackie's pretty strict about the weight limit, too, besides you being the one who has to lug the luggage. . .:)) Arda said it all - great advice about taking time to smell the roses. I am so excited for ya'll. Wish I could do it again. Clark