Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall is in the air

I cannot believe that we are already past the middle of September. Where has this year gone? Yesterday at 6:00 am it was 59 degrees. What a beautiful morning. I am training for the 108 mile El Tour de Tucson bicycle ride so I was out at that time yesterday morning. I joined the local bike club and did a 60 mile bike ride. It was a good ride except for one minor(major) problem. I bought new carbon fiber handle bars and the did not feel right for my hands. They are aerodynamic as opposed to the normal rounded bars. The hit my hands in just the wrong place. Bye the time I finished my whole left hand was bruised. I spent the rest of the day alternating between and ice pack and a paraffin bath. It is feeling much better today. Needless to say I dropped the bike off at the local bike shop and am having them switch the bar to the rounded carbon one.

I finished the first of the two blankets I am crocheting for my granddaughters and have begun the other one. I will try to post pictures later today or tomorrow. I am also on the last sleeve of the quicky sweater that is going to be a store sample for the lys.

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